Senior Spotlight :: Maria Milan

Maria Millan, an international student studying at Darlington during the 2021-2022 school year, gave us an interview about her life at the school and about how it is living in a different country.

She came from Santander, a little city near the sea in the North of Spain to the big city of Atlanta. Even though she had already tried the experience of studying abroad she came here to experience it again.

“I studied in Spain for my whole life and then I went one year to Jamaica and then here”.

Like many international students, she didn’t just come here to learn English, she liked the American school system too.

“I think you do like more practical things. And the Spanish system is more theoretical”.

Millan says that  she is enjoying the experience of the American education  system but her future plans are to go back to Spain to study college.

“I plan to stay in Spain cause it’s where I live and that’s where all my friends and family are”, Millan said. 

MiIlan must enjoy this experience as much as she can before the school year finishes for having her “American experience” as people call it in Europe.

“The best thing at Darlington is to meet new people  to make friends and to experience American life. “

She knows really clearly what she likes to do to have fun and entertain herself here at Darlington.

“In my free time I like to hang out with our friends and to cook and to watch Netflix “.