Senior Spotlight :: Maria Peloggia Pinto

From being Thornwood’s head prefect to playing varsity tennis and being discipline committee president, senior Maria Peloggia Pinto from Brazil is ready to graduate high school. Pinto has been at Darlington School since her freshman year as a boarding student and has learned many new things and made memories with her friends.

Her journey as an athlete started her freshman year. Pinto played for the Tennis Academy. That meant practice every day for two hours. The practice was off-campus to have better training possibilities. The training took place at the Rome Tennis Center. After that year, she continued to be active in various sports. 

I’ve played Tennis Academy and then Varsity Tennis. I played Varsity Soccer and I ran Varsity Cross Country.” Pinto said. “Sport is a big part of my life.”

Going to school away from home in another country for four years was not always the easiest thing to do. But time passed quickly for Pinto. She has made many friends which made life away from home easier. Pinto still has days where she misses home more but then she just distracts herself.

“For me, the change into a boarding school was easy because I had so many friends that were in the same situation as me. So we all just kind of made a group and went through it together.” Pinto said. “ I’ve always been so distracted and doing so many things here that I didn’t really have time to think about it, but I’ve definitely been homesick.”

Senior year can be scary. You have to make many decisions that will greatly affect your life. There is a lot of pressure to apply to colleges and get accepted. Pinto knows exactly what she wants, she has a dream college and goals. Nevertheless, she sometimes questions whether she will make the right decisions for herself. 

“ I really love the University of Miami. It’s just a great school academically and the environment is great and everyone is so nice.” Pinto said. “It is a lot of pressure choosing a college. I get scared that I won’t make the right decisions.”

Darlington School supports students well and prepares you for life afterwards. Pinto is grateful for everything she has learned and experienced in these four years.  She will miss her friends most of all, whom she also calls family. Darlington school was like her second home. 

“I don’t think it would be as ready as I am for college right now if I didn’t come here, so it makes me feel a lot better about what I’m going to do next year.” Pinto said.