Senior Spotlight :: Zoe Anderson

Zoe Elizabeth Sharla Anderson, a senior boarding student, is from Scotland, but she was born and brought up in Singapore until she moved to the United States to continue her school career.

“I’m proud of my move to Darlington and moving across the world,” Anderson said.

Soccer is the sport that takes all her time after school and weekends for the tournaments. She trains in the Soccer Academy.

“When I was younger, I wanted to play soccer. Professionally.” Anderson said, “But that was a very young person’s dream.”

Currently she is thinking about studying college in the United states, in states like New York. Or moving back to the United Kingdom, where she likes several colleges.

Her favorite high school memory will be the experience of being living at the school as a Boarding student.

“Probably just living in the boarding house and getting to live with my friends.” Anderson said, “It’s a great experience that not many people get to do.”

Living in a boarding school provides a large amount of qualities for personal growth. Independence, time management, living in a community and solving problems are some of the skills that Anderson gained during her years here.

Anderson, getting to graduate, is going to be remembered as an open person with positive energy that is kind and includes everyone, so no one can feel alone. 

“I’m excited to graduate but I’m going to miss it so much.” Anderson said, “That it’s also kind of scary at the same time you’re going out into the real world.”