Dawson Williams ’20: A Renaissance Student

Dawson Williams 20: A Renaissance Student

Dawson Williams is a senior at Darlington this year. He serves on the Honor Council and is also the Head Day Prefect in Summerbell house. Dawson plays football, wrestles, and plays tennis. He has been at Darlington since Pre-K.

“Darlington has taught me to be studious, work hard, and value honor.”

Dawson is a great student and has earned many awards for his academic achievement. For example, he was named a UGA Scholar this past year.

Dawson is also a successful athlete at Darlington. Dawson is a starting linebacker for the football team and he made it to the GHSA State wrestling tournament last season, wrestling in the 152 weight class. He is also a four year varsity letterman for the tennis team and has went undefeated during the regular season in the last two seasons he has played.

“I have been very involved with sports, I play football, wrestle, and play tennis. Sports have taught me how to manage my time and value hard work.”

Dawson holds many leadership positions such as the Head Day Prefect position in Summerbell House.

“Being involved with Sumerbell has helped me understand other cultures and meets kids from many different backgrounds.”

Dawson plans to continue his education at the University of Georgia.

“I plan to go to UGA next year and haven’t decided what I would like to major in.”