Caleb Baldwin ’20: In The Spotlight


Senior Caleb Baldwin is an actor, musician, athlete, and scholarly student. Baldwin has been a member of the Darlington community for eight years, playing percussion for the band for the duration of his time. However through band he learned he had a love for acting. 

Baldwin’s freshman year of high school he was asked to be a part of the band for one of the musicals. “Then I saw how much fun it was being an actor so I decided to audition,” Baldwin said. And then he got the part sophomore year and realized just how fun it was, and from then on he was hooked. 

Baldwin has been a part of the theatre program here at Darlington since that first audition, while being an avid member of the band and concert choir. 

Baldwin thanks Darlington for these opportunities. “I know that I have been better prepared for life after high school than most people. I’ve also been able to try and learn as many new things as I wanted,” Baldwin said. 

“Participate in as many things as possible and don’t be judgemental of things before trying them. Because many people think that band and theatre are weird but I tried them and loved them along with everyone else who participates in them,” Baldwin said. Don’t be scared to try new things because you may end up having a lot of fun with it.”

Baldwin is a very driven individual who plans to pursue his passions even after high school. He hopes to be able to participate in the band, theatre, and choral programs at whatever college he chooses.