We’re the Most Valuable Players!


Ruth-Anne Anderson

The fall sports awards were given to the students who showed great skill and leadership in the respective fall sports. Of the awards, the Most Valuable Player award goes to the best player on each team, decided by either the coach or a player vote. The recipients of the MVP awards were Tate Ratledge (football), Tom Guo (crew), Alli Hagler (volleyball), Maggie Hawkins (cross country) and Lexie Floyd (cheerleading). The MVPs of the fall sports were honored to receive these awards.

“It was great to know that my teammates voted for me to receive this award,” Ratledge said. “I was honored by what coach Atha said about me when he presented me with my award, and it motivates me to work even harder for my senior season.”

Receiving these awards justifies the athletes’ hard work they put in throughout the season.

“This award is a kind of affirmation for my contribution, and also a perfect ending for my four-year experience of crew,” Guo said. “It is my honor to be the MVP of the crew team.”

The MVP award was also meaningful for seniors who have competed in fall sports for the last time as a high school student.

“It means a lot that my coaches and teammates all voted for me to receive this. I have had such a great time this season and will miss everyone next year,” Floyd said.

Most MVPs had their coaches and teammates to thank for their award, but the volleyball MVP had something else to attribute to her success.

“I couldn’t have done it without matching my socks to my shoes,” Hagler said. “I am honored to be named the MVP for volleyball this year.”

Overall, the MVPs are deserving of their awards, but they understand what it took to be their team’s most valuable performer.

“When I won the MVP award for cross country I was so happy and grateful. This season has been challenging, and I have worked really hard to compete to the best of my abilities,” said Hawkins. “I’m so thankful for my teammates and that I have the ability to do this sport that I love and am so passionate about.”