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Darlington Tigers Compete in Track Meet at Calhoun

Cora Fannin (9)

On March 25th, Darlington Girls’ Varsity Track competed in the meet at Calhoun High School, and they are continuing to work towards making it to the regional meet.

“I’m proud of their performances so far, but I think we realize as a team and as a coaching staff that we have a ways to go before we get to the region meet,” Tennis Coach Kevin Hunt said.

More than being satisfied with performances, the team said they are proud because they always want to improve so performance does not plateau. Girls’ track team athletes have emphasized workouts and drills, believing that regimented and disciplined practice will allow them to perform better in meets. Many team members have also focused on the mental aspect of competition, and they say competing is just as mentally taxing as it is physically taxing.

“When you get nervous for the meet, realize that you’re nervous, but also know that it will be okay and you just need to do the best you can,” Freshman Cora Fannin said.

Though nervousness is inevitable, the team has highlighted an attitude of focusing on performing to the best of their ability to combat potential anxieties. Otherwise, anxieties may interfere with their running performance. Moreover, the team has been proud of their performance so far.

“I feel like we’ve done good this season so far,” Freshman Nora Knaak said.

Everyone on the team has said they worked hard this season and want to continue improving. They are also proud of their performance, but many athletes have also gotten injured this season.

“We’ve been facing a few injuries…we still have a few guys and girls out with injuries, and that’s been the main challenge,” Hunt said.

The track team has faced difficulties as the full team has not been able to compete. Without their full roster, they have had some disadvantages while competing. However, non-injured track team members have not let that affect their performance. Slowly, they have finally gotten some team members back from injuries, which they said they are happy and excited about.

“I’m so excited for the rest of the season and how much I can improve!” Fannin said.

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