Faculty Spotlight : Andy Lopez

and Haley Mettrick

Andy Lopez, an alumnus of the University of Chapel Hill, serves as one of the boys soccer academy coaches. 

“I originally came to Darlington because my friend, Noah (Murphy), was the other coach and the idea to work with him in soccer excited me. Then I came to visit the campus for the first time and really liked the way the school was a tight knit community,” Lopez said

Lopez is from Mission, Texas, a border town in south Texas about 20 minutes from the Mexican-American border. He went to a boarding school much like Darlington where he trained to go to Chapel Hill as a D1 soccer player. At Chapel Hill Lopez studied to achieve his BA in Exercise and Sport Science. 

“My whole life, I always wanted to be around soccer. It’s my passion. My goal was to play at a high level collegiately and play professionally.”

During his time playing for the UNC men’s team he had two Final Four appearances and later went on to become head coach of Triangle United Soccer Association’s U12 team in Chapel Hill. 

“I was fortunate enough to play at UNC. I feel like with my experience playing at a high level, I could help and give advice to the younger players.”  Lopez said  

He most recently served as a coach and operations assistant for Round Rock Soccer Club in Texas.

“So far, I have enjoyed my time at Darlington. The faculty welcomed me into the community from the first day and I really enjoy working and coaching the kids at Darlington. The opportunity to help the younger generation in soccer is what motivates me and pushes me to be better every day,” Lopez said.