RUMPUS 2017: Gauntlet

Emily Orr, Editor in Chief

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On the second day of Rumpus 2017, Gauntlet began at 3:30 p.m. in Chris Hunter Stadium. 

Two teams of six students and one faculty member from each house completed 18 total tasks ranging from running Coyote trail while carrying weights to cup stacking.

Instead of beginning on the main campus and spreading over all 500 acres of fun, Gauntlet was contained to the athletic fields surrounding the Huffman Center.

“Being my first time, you know, I’m really glad that they switched up the rules, because this is way more like doable and you know it’s really good to have like the crowd cheering for you every time you come back into the gate. I think this is one of my favorite events now,” Thornwood dorm student Palesa Molalpo said.

Participants ran a total of well over two miles and were given breaks throughout the event.

“I really liked Gauntlet this year. I thought it was more inclusive and I really liked how it was on the track, so it was great for the audience that could actually watch Gauntlet. I also liked how we had breaks in between each little event and I just thought it was a great turn out and everyone did so great and I am just really proud of Cooper and all the other houses,” Cooper dorm student Lily Washburn said.

The Results are as follows: 

1. Thornwood

2. Moser

3. Cooper 

4. Neville 

5. Summerbell

6. Regester 

These results now place Thornwood in first place and Moser in a close second.

The next event is Lip Sync and will take place at 7:30 in the Van Es Arena.