5 Ways to get Through Homework Faster


Grace Lester, Reporter


1.  Take a Break


     It is so relaxing to give yourself a break in between school, your ASA and homework.  This break can help with not being able to get so distracted by your phone or Netflix. Let yourself have a dance break or a snack during this free time. It’s possible to even get in a short Netflix episode in. Try to keep your break short and no longer than thirty minutes.


  1.    Listen to Music  

      Studies  show students who listen to classical music do better on their their tests and homework. Spotify has some great playlists for classical music. Even if straight up classical music is not your thing, you should try it. A band called 2Cellos has some classical music modernized as well as some Pop music in instrumental that they covered. 2Cellos has covered artists such as Rihanna, Coldplay, and Mumford and Sons.


  1.    Get Organized

     Organizing your notes and homework can help you fly through studying and homework. One way to keep organized is by getting a planner. A planner will help you keep track of your tests, quizzes, and social life. Once you write out what your week will be like, it will be easier to manage your time. Another way to keep your notes organized is by labeling and separating your notes for each individual class. By dating, labeling and keeping your notes separate it will easier to go back and study or find the notes you need for class/homework.


 4.     Utilize Your Time Wisely

    The new schedule leaves lots of open time to do homework, such as our new 45 minute office hour period. The time slot is very nice, seeing as you can see more than one teacher during this time. If you aren’t having any in trouble in any classes, this is the perfect time to get some homework done! So take advantage of this time.

    Also with the new schedule almost everyone has a free period every other day. I know watching netflix is can be fun and all, but Netflix can be watched anytime. It is also a huge distraction, so with this 70 minute period you can get a lot done.

     Free Club periods are also a great time to get some homework done.   


  1.    Time Yourself

     Timing yourself is important because it helps you keep track of how long you are spending on each subject, and if you are spending too much time on one thing. If you are spending too much time on one assignment such as you are spending two hours on ten math problems, there is probably something wrong with what you’re doing. If this is happening, it would be a great chance to use your office hours.