Darlington community gives their opinion on the Dining Hall


Throughout the year, the dining hall staff has made changes to the number of options available. Some of these changes include a constant change of variety in the salad bar, the addition of the sandwich bar and pretzel station and additional plastic silverware and chopsticks.

“I love the fact that there are a lot of choices every day because there is something that I can always have,” Dean of Student Life Brant Evans said. “I’m not a big cheese person, so mac and cheese day is my worst enemy.”

“I think the dining hall offers a pretty reasonable amount of options,” librarian Jordan West said. “I think that, even if you don’t want to eat the main dish that they are serving, there are plenty of other options to choose from.”

However, senior Shayali Patel made a suggestion.

“I wish they had more vegetarian options because sometimes all I have to eat is a salad,” Patel, a vegetarian, said.

Seniors Thomas Norris and Jake Day both transferred from public school and offer differing views from other members of the  Darlington community.

“It’s so good,” Norris said. “I came from a public school, where they serve nothing. Public school food was a “one,” and our dining hall is a “10” About the service, Norris said, “They’re all really friendly, I love them.”

“I went to public school and they had really bad food, so I think the dining hall is really good, but sometimes the service is kind of slow,” Day said.