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Boys’ track team wins state championship


On May 11, Darlington’s track and field team competed in the state meet, and the athletes managed to win the state championship through a season of training and hard work.

“I prepared like usual, always making sure I stretched and warmed up fully. This season was definitely one to remember because so many school records were broken,” junior Brock Ferguson said.

“I prepared by just eating healthy and making sure I was hydrated for the meeting. The season was great, and the girls’ team did amazing with only a small number of girls,” junior Emma Hunt said.

“To prepare for the meet, I trained hard all season and put in the work. When you get to the end of the season, there’s not as much improvement left. It’s down to how much you push yourself in the races. I also needed to eat well and get sleep. I have felt really good about the season so far, and I’ve been excited by how much I’ve improved and what I’ve been able to accomplish,” freshman Cora Fannin said.

The athletes were very happy with their season, and they all did their best to prepare for this competition.

“We competed most against Armuchee, and they were difficult, but we always tried our hardest. I had no regrets from the meet on Saturday because we all put in everything we had, and the outcome was good for the girls and especially the boys,” Hunt said.

“We came away with a couple of injuries this year, and we have one just recently on the girls’ team that we’re trying to work our way through. But I think we’re ready to step in if needed. So our alternates have been working hard. They’re prepared. And if it comes down to it and they have to step up, I think they will. That’s been kind of the toughest thing (other than just being better than your previous best). That’s what they are constantly trying to do,” assistant coach Brant Evans said.

It was not an easy season. There were injuries and meets, but the athletes were actively involved and motivated to make a difference for the team.

“I’m obviously partial to my distance runners, but one of the most exciting to watch is that 4-by-200, where you got four guys running 200 meters, and they are going as fast as they possibly can. Seeing them make those exchanges with a baton like clockwork and get around that track so fast, it’s really, really impressive,” Evans said.



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