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From the Dorms to the Bleachers

Darlington Celebrates 100 Years of Boarding
Cinja Riemer

On April 30, upper school students and faculty watched a Rome Emperors baseball game to celebrate 100 years of boarding. 

“The main purpose must have been for the students to connect, talk and interact with each other,” freshman Brady Song said. 

When the students arrived at the stadium everyone had the opportunity to eat, chat and watch the game together.

“I think it is super important for the boarding students to stay connected with each other throughout the year,” sophomore Grace Guo said.

The faculty organized a variety of activities and events throughout the year to celebrate 100 years of boarding. Other examples include the picnic lunch or the afternoon in the Quad with different activities. 

“It was a good way to celebrate and I love the boarding experience,” freshman Hugo Enander said.

Activities like watching a baseball game together can create connections.

“Although [living in a boarding school] is really different from back at home, I do enjoy it when we do boarding activities together,” sophomore Moanna Maynard said. “I feel like we should have more required events like this, so everyone comes out of their dorms.” 

Most students had a good time and look forward to more events like this.

“The game was super fun. I had a great time,” Guo said. “My advice [for other boarding students] is to make the most of the events our faculty provides us with.”


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