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Varsity Golf Teams Dominate Area Tournament at Meadow Lakes Country Club

Ther Kotchasanmanee (11)

The boys’ and girls’ varsity golf teams came out first in the area tournament held at the Meadow Lakes Country Club, earning them both spots in the state tournament. 

“We’ve been working as a team, perfecting our flaws, learning how to use our strengths better and building each other up throughout the season,” freshman Will Willerson said. 

This is evident through their results. The girls’ team had a smooth season, winning all of their tournaments. The boys had a series of ups and downs that shaped their seasons, with results that echo this.  

“We’ve been trying to gain consistency throughout the season…recently we’ve been way better at trusting our capabilities and staying consistent in practices and we’re trying to bring this energy into games,” Willerson said

Coming off placing last place in the Westminster Invitational, this is a big jump for them if they continue to perform as they did in the area tournaments. Both teams have kept their training method the same and are focusing on staying consistent.

“The loss at the Westminster Invitational made us really hungry,” Willerson said. “I could see that the team was more dedicated after. I’m trying to help keep this energy up because I feel like that’s what got us through the area tournament.”

With their recently claimed hunger, the team is working hard to get the best results possible at the state tournament.

“The girls have been having a good season; they are currently undefeated,” Willerson said. “As we move into the state tournament, we have been focusing on consistency as a program. I feel like this group is very talented and we will be able to win it all this year.”

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