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Insider on Senior Ventures

Mily James (11), Seidy Pichardo (12), Angeline Myrie (11), Xiya Burton (12), Moa Berglund (11), Kathleen Hwang (11), Isabella Spears (12), Timofe Anthony-Sawyerr (12), Gabriel Woodard (12), Kensie Waller (10), Allison Liang (9)

Students in the Senior Ventures class have worked throughout the year on a self-selected senior project.

Isla McLaughlin did “A HIIT-based workout class called IMAC which means ‘Isla McLaughlin Athletic Club’”

She learned “how to problem-solve when things wouldn’t go as planned, especially when figuring out effective ways to advertise the class to teachers.”

“I love anything athletic so this was a perfect project for me,” McLaughlin said. “The best part was getting more people excited about exercise and being able to show others fun ways to workout!”

Seidy Pichardo’s Senior Ventures project was “Service Learning and Pink Shirt Day.”

“Planning is very important in accomplishing a long-term project. Patience and determination are also what get you through and change is natural and you should embrace it you never know what wonderful outcome you’ll have,” Pichardo said. “I enjoyed my Senior Ventures project. It was very fulfilling and enjoyable. I made a lot of connections and I feel like I made a positive impact on the Darlington community.”

Pichardo worked hard on her projects, but her favorite part was hosting “Pink Shirt Day.”

“It was really fun seeing the whole upper school involved, having fun and appreciating each other. I think many people enjoyed it as much as I did.” 

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