Morgan Ivester ’19: Acting up and Out


Senior, and artist, Morgan Ivester has taken huge leaps and bounds over the course of her high school career as she went from a too-timid-to-speak freshman to a confident leading actress in the fall play.

“I took theatre my freshman year because when I was little I wanted to be an actor. Whenever I started doing theatre class as a freshman, I was so terrified that I wouldn’t even speak through the whole class so I never auditioned for any of the plays,” said Ivester.  “After I went to A Doll’s House, which was the first play that I got to work on as a highschooler, I saw everyone acting and it was amazing. That’s when I decided I was going to try out for the next play.”

As each production has passed, Ivester’s passion has only grown for art and theatre.

“I started working with Morgan when she was a freshman so i’ve worked with her every year she’s been here; so I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow and bloom. At the core of everything is her passion and her desire to want to excel and learn,” said Theatre Director Shelley Daniel. “She wants to grow, so, when she’s performing or working she’s always hungry to want to take her work to the next step. She has her natural talent, but she also doing all the work underneath it which is the perfect combination.”

Not only does Ivester get to fulfill her childhood dream, she also takes home telltales from each performance.

“The plays, in general, always leave me with something. They all have something special for me, but Once On This Island was my first musical and left me with the message of standing up for what you believe in,” said Ivester.

Ivester’s experiences have filled her to the brim with wise words to share.

“Step out of your comfort zone and do things that you couldn’t envision yourself doing because I’m playing drums and doing all these things that I never saw myself doing as an eighth grader,” said Ivester. “So, just step out there and do things that  you think you might enjoy, and if you don’t enjoy it, then try something new.”