Dangerous Woman Review


Ariana Grande’s third album, Dangerous Woman, originally entitled Moonlight, continues to carry out her electric contemporary beat from her first two albums, My Everything and Yours Truly. “Dangerous Woman,” the single in which the album is named after, made Grande the first person in history to have a leading single place in the top 10 from each of her three albums on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Once again, she follows her black and white theme with her album cover like her past two albums. Grande includes many other famous artists in her album such as Nicki Minaj and Macy Grey. However, this album includes less collaborating artists than her previous album, My Everything.

This album continues to be upbeat with songs such as “Focus,” “Into You,” “Side to Side” and “Greedy.” Although this album holds lots of fun songs, each of these songs has amazing vocals from Grande. Each of her radio singles are just as fun as they are vocally intriguing. They are not overrun by the instruments or beat of the song. The album has a light amount of slower songs like “Thinking Bout You,” “I Don’t Care,” and “Leave Me Lonely.”

Dangerous Woman does lack a slower ballad like “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” or “My Everything” as sung on My Everything. Grande’s voice has broken so many records, so it is a little disappointing to not have a song that highlights those vocals that she carries. If you really want to hear how amazing her vocals are you can see Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour with Little Mix and Victoria Monet on April 12th!