Review of Ruth B’s The Intro


In this EP, The Intro, Ruth B. does not hide from the hurt of the real world and the scars left by it. In her first track on the EP, “Two Poor Kids”, the song talks of a poor couple living in a rich city and loving the way they are. She compares the boyfriend, in the song, who brings her roses and has a few mud stains to the cleancut boy picking up his girlfriend in his ‘Benz’. Money and fame does not mean happiness and sometimes those things can ruin love, is the theme of the song.

“Lost Boy”, her first single and track number two, continues to be one of my favorites. I actually heard this song before it came out as a single, and to hear it on the radio was so exciting. The song encaptures Peter Pan as her get away when she is down or lost in her life. She states that everyone has a “Peter Pan” in their life whether it be an art, sport, etc., and music is hers.

In her third track “Golden,” she speaks about the end of the bully reign where she shines out from all the dust; through ashes, fire, and coal she becomes golden. “Superficial Love” is the fourth and last track of the EP.

“Superficial Love” is another favorite of mine, talking about surface love where it does not dip into personality or over-take her thoughts. He’s just there when is and when he isn’t. When I heard “Lost Boy” on the radio I was so excited because I knew that meant an album, or EP, was on its way. Now that I have heard her EP, The Intro, I can officially call myself a fan.