Nigerian Independence Day

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Nigerian Independence Day

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Students from Nigeria spoke at Chapel on Oct. 18 about Nigerian Independence Day and their culture.

We decided to do the chapel, to educate the general student body during our independence day,” senior JayJay Ugbe said.

The students from Nigeria also explained the difference among some misconceptions that people have about their country.

One of the most common misconceptions is that Nigeria just looks like a jungle and also the way we speak and that we don’t have basic amenities,” junior Olachi Mbawke said.

Others explained how language is a major misconception of their society.

“…They also think we speak one language [Nigerian] but we are very diverse in language [we have a lot of dialects],” junior Ayooluwa Asonibare said.

The service was short, but understandable in a way that highlighted the events of the independence day of Nigeria along with some of its’ culture.

“We talked about the history of our nation, the culture, language, and food. We also focused on how integrity impacts our society,” Ugbe said.

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