Houses Unveil RUMPUS Themes

The theme reveal for the biggest house competition of the year was last Monday, Dec. 5. For RUMPUS, the theme is central because many of the elements are based around it, including the shirts, banners and lip-sync dances.

Cooper House’s theme is Cooper Criminals. The girls ran down the aisle of the chapel Monday morning and stole items that belong to other houses. Some of the most popular items that the girls stole were Summerbell’s fish and Regester’s Centennial Cup.

Summerbell House’s theme is Baywatch. The boys had someone in the audience pretend to drown while Head Day Prefect Connor Brown ran to save them.

“I think our theme is the best in Summerbell history,” senior leader Grant Sikes said. “I’m so excited to wear swim trunks.”

Moser House’s theme is Moser Monarchy. Head Day Prefect Joey Kight was crowned by his royal cabinet, the Moser leadership team, as their theme was revealed.

“I really like Moser’s theme. All of the themes are good … but Moser has the best,” Senior Moser leader Hamilton Shamblin said. “We are definitely going to win RUMPUS.”

Thornwood House’s theme is T-Wood on Fire. Georgana Dempsey and Merritt Reed ran down the chapel aisle screaming “Fire!” Neville House’s theme is Neville Airlines. The Neville leaders were acting as TSA security.

Regester House’s theme is Reg Undercover. The Reg leaders pretended to be spies, like the Disney show KC Undercover.

“I think our theme is really good, Head Residential Prefect Michelle White said. “However, I wish it wasn’t as close as Cooper’s.”