Snap Goes the Camera


Student photographers in the Photography classes had a challenge aimed their way: they had to take every portrait in the school this year, something that was previously done by a professional company.

Students who were in the new Photography class taught by Media Arts teacher Katie Merritt were given the task to take the portraits of the students and faculty. Students were up for the challenge and they learned a lot through the process.

I enjoyed taking photos of the student body,” sophomore Ashlyn Woods said. “The entirety of this experience has taught me how one can capture a portrait in a professional and efficient way.”

While the photographers enjoyed it, students did display some concerns with students taking the photos.

“The only concern I have is that my photo won’t be retouched,” sophomore Angel Laramie said.

The process of having your photo taken seemed to be less stressful having your peers take your photo instead of adults.

“It felt like another day, and instead of feeling judged by the photographer, I knew that the students couldn’t care less, because they don’t care how you look for your picture,” Laramie said.

Photographers learned the ins and outs of photography especially while taking portraits and how much more it requires than just clicking the shutter.

“The most important thing that I learned during the photography process was patience,” junior William McClain said. “People can be picky and ask for retakes and when that happens you have to be patient and work the situation out.”

The photographers really thought that taking the students photos was beneficial for both the student and the photographer.

“It was a great experience taking photos for the yearbook,” freshman Madigan Flournoy said. “I felt it allowed people to smile on their own rather than having to force a smile because rather than having a random person take your photo it was someone you were friends or acquaintances with.”