Gearing Up for Boys Life

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Gearing Up for Boys Life

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As the new school year begins some organizations are changing to fit new themes and ideas. One of these programs is Boys Life.

Boys Life is a program for the residential and day boys where they discuss certain topics to help inspire them to grow and succeed throughout the year. The program hosts retreats and off-campus events throughout the year.

The purpose of Boys Life will not change and we will continue to honor the Boys Life mission statement, ‘to provide a safe and nurturing environment where male students may develop an Understanding of self and others in order to discover greater Confidence and Leadership while learning to fulfill their own greater Purpose,” head of Neville House John Zazzaro said.

The boys often meet with their dorm-mates and the other boys’ dorms to have wide discussions on relevant topics and to create a safe space to discuss their ideas and beliefs.

“We want to do more meetings that are more age-specific rather than just big meetings with all the boys at once,” Zazzaro said.

Some dorm members disagree that the talks are inconvenient and do not have a valuable lesson with them.

“Honestly it is inconvenient and teaches us things that everybody already or should already know however now and then there are good motivational speakers,” sophomore Adam Albar said.

Boys Life hosts various off-campus events for the dorm students and day students such as games, movie trips, mall trips and more.

The first trip we go on is my favorite because we don’t go on basically any other trips. I also liked watching the boxing match last year,” Albar said.

This year, however, they are expanding their trip options to reach the interests of more boys.

“Boys Life does have some changes in store for 2018-19,” Zazzaro said. “Some of the new activities this year will include more off-campus trips like a Falcons game, Hawks game, perhaps some outdoors trips and several off-campus service opportunities.”

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