Special Olympics


Hank Crawford, Staff Writer

Darlington and the Class of 2021 hosted the Special Olympics once again as a service project and a way to give back to the community.

The reason for the special olympics is to give kids with a less fortunate background and challenges a day to compete and have fun with their friends and kids from other schools. It’s a way for these kids get joy and recognized for their incredible strength.

“The kids were very happy when they won, especially when they were congratulated by my classmates and me,” freshman EJ Roberson said.

Though the Special Olympics is for the kids in the event, the volunteers and people working also benefit and get joy out of seeing how  all the competitors are so happy.

“It felt good to help the kids, and also made me grateful for what I have and to not take for granted what I have,” Roberson said.

The Special Olympics is always something for both the kids with special needs and the students volunteering to look forward to every year because it is a day for everyone, no matter how fortunate they have been, to experiences joy.

“The special olympics was one of the best times I have ever had at Darlington. Watching all those kids complete their activities made me happy I was there. I’ll never forget the joyful looks on their faces,” freshman Lawson Brown said.