New College Advisors


Veeka Malanchuk, Staff Writer

As the 2017-18 school year wraps up, decisions for the new school year are being made. This includes classes, teachers and new college advisors. Chris Babb and Kelly McDurmon will be the newest college advisors for the 2018-19 school year.


“Mrs. Dodd and Mrs. Bennett, who are both college advisors, are retiring at the end of the year. So we named two new college advisors as their replacements,” Dean of College Guidance Sam Moss said.


The college guidance office selected the new college advisors based on an application process.


“Faculty who want that position apply to Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Crawford and me. We discuss, look at the writing they do, interview them and decide who would be a good fit. We also base it on the fact that they write extremely good letters of recommendation, we think that is an important part,” Moss said.


They’re not only looking for college advisors who can help students get accepted, but advisors the students can relate to.


“Another important part is their relationship with the students. These are teachers that know students well outside the classroom. Dr. Babb’s case by living in the dorms and Mr. McDurmon’s case from coaching and having children in the school, they are all very much connected with the student body,” Moss said.


Throughout his college advisement, McDurmon is looking forward to helping and keeping in touch with his former students.


“I’m becoming a new college advisor because I teach juniors all day long. When they leave and move on to senior year, I miss them. I like it because it gives me a chance to stay in touch with kids that I’ve developed a relationship with, and this is going to be a grand opportunity for me to keep in touch with the students and lead them in the right direction for selecting their colleges,” McDurmon said.


Babb looks forward to helping students with the stressful process of applying to college.


“After my daughter went through the college process, I wanted to be involved in that with other students and help them through the process,” Babb said.


Babb has lots of experience working with not only college freshmen, but the college board as well.


“I advised college freshman for a number of years when I was at Berry. I was on the admission committee at Berry, and I have informally advised students here for a number of years,” Babb said.


Juniors found the new college advisors to be a practical choice for their class.


“I am in Dr. Babb’s advisee next year and am thrilled that they are adding more junior teachers to the list. Mr. McDurmon and Dr. Babb teach classes projected to juniors, so it gives familiarity and it makes it easier to pick a college advisor because I already know the person,” junior Kathryn Chunn said.


Many students are excited about the new change and feel satisfied with the choice of college advisors.


“I think Mr. McDurmon will be a great college advisor because he really does care about his students. I’m sure he will offer valuable college and life advice to those in his advisory,” junior Oliva Harper said.


Overall, the college advisors are there to help the students with the struggle and stress of applying to college.


“Both Dr. Babb and Mr. McDurmon, who are very interested in the college process, were selected, and we are excited that they are joining our group,” Moss said.