RUMPUS Changes


Grace Lester, Managing Editor

RUMPUS, an upper school-wide competition that students from every house participate in over the course of MLK weekend. Throughout the weekend, houses compete against each other in lip sync battles, fear factor, relay and other events.


With each year that passes, faculty members notice a few things that needed to be changed in order to improve RUMPUS.


“Lip sync is one through six scale – we cannot place two songs or lip syncs in the final six place. So, even if we have the best two of all only the best scores can count. Theme and spirit, this is probably the biggest change, we feel that no team deserved a two. Each team does a great job with their theme and spirit so to give them that score… it was just kind of demoralizing. With as much as you guys put into RUMPUS, you guys deserve more. But if that doesn’t work, we’ll tweek it again,” Dean of Student Life Brant Evans said.


Relay and other events have undergone adjustments to be more beneficial to the players.


“Last year, there was a lot of chaos surrounding the running portion and we wanted to avoid that,” Regester Head Prefect Hillary Tunnel said.


The nastiest events, fear factor and hunger games, got extra vulgar this RUMPUS.


“We wanted ro make the fear factor foods more intense and gross. But for hunger games we felt like last year the food was too much and took too long so we tried to make the portions smaller,” Cooper Prefect Lilly Washburn said


In past lip syncs, judges have favored decade songs to current pop culture trends.


“We wanted to add some youth to the judge table and when i say youth i mean maybe just out of high school or just out of college because we (I mean I, and the prefects)  felt like a lot of the songs that were used in lip sync aren’t recognized by the judges. But we want to get some people who are more familiar with the songs. I think that you guys will be excited to see the judges. I think the new judges will do a great job,” Evans said.


Even with little changes, it can make this memorable weekend even more enjoyable.


“I feel like it’s not a whole lot different from last year. It was mostly fine tweaking. But if there is ever anything you guys want changed, let us know,” Evans said.