Fall for the Arts


Anna Kate Roberts and Alexander Greene

     After a short but busy week with the PSATs, two days of classes and Homecoming Spirit Week, the entire Darlington community came together to celebrate the artistic talent that our school has to offer by participating in activities like making crafts, buying baked goods, watching performances and viewing student artwork.

     “I thought Fall for the Arts was a great event this year. Everyone seemed to enjoy all the festivities and weather,” sophomore Maggie Hawkins said. “My favorite thing there was the artwork because you got to see what people in every grade enjoy doing and what they’ve done so far this year.”

     In the morning, advisee groups presented costumes that they created from recycled materials during a fashion show.

     “My advisee group thought about fall, and we decided that a witch would be a fun theme to try to create. We used the trash bags, newspaper and aluminum foil to make a broom, hat, nose and mask,” sophomore Chloe Duck said. “I definitely enjoyed walking the runway. It was fun to look up and see the whole school laughing with me about the way that everyone looked.”

     Senior Alan Shorey won the fashion show for Karen Bennett’s advisee group after making it into the top ten.

     “[His costume] was pretty plain the day before the fashion show, but Bronwyn [Luitweiler] came up with the Madonna cone bra,” senior Mary Anna Fricks said. “When Alan won, I couldn’t stop laughing. The whole thing was hilarious.”

     There were many performances during the event, including a duet from junior Ieva Taraskeviciute and junior Natalie Horah and a performance by the Darlingtones. Students also got the opportunity to volunteer at craft tables and earn participation points, which were later used in raffles for rewards like gift cards and coupons.

     “It was so much fun to see the different booths and activities and seeing all the kids from all different ages enjoying it,” sophomore Daly Owens said.

     There was also student artwork displayed. Fricks was given the opportunity to sell her own artwork at the festival.

     “I got an email at the beginning of the school year asking if I was interested in selling any of my art,” Fricks said. “A couple of people had expressed interest in a tiger that I made before, so I thought it would be fun to make them cards.”

     During the festival, two popular vendors from Rome, Frio’s and Kaleido Sno, supplied cold treats on this sunny day. One notable exhibit that gave students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was the chance to view Salvador Dali’s original paintings in the library. This exhibit will be available through December and features some of his original work.

     “Fall for The Arts was not only an amazing experience for me, but something I am extremely proud to have taken part in,” sophomore Abby Burris said. “As a fine arts prone student, it was so rewarding to see the songs concert choir sing, the artwork displayed and all the fun activities.

*Photo by Katherine Gu