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Jack Allan, Reporter

Jack is a freshman in his first year at Darlington. He doesn’t do much of the school activities. In his free time, he will usually be alone and reading something about rockets.

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Darlington Hosts Tri-ESP Event

Darlington Hosts Tri-ESP Event

Jack Allan, Reporter May 13, 2024

On May 4, the annual Tri-ESP event took place, with the school again being the host for it. Tri-ESP is a charity event for Extra Special People to give them a taste of sports. "Tri-ESP is a group...

Jennifer Luitwieler

Ms. Luitwieler’s Lost Bike

Jack Allan, Reporter May 7, 2024

Two weeks ago, it was discovered that Learning Center specialist Jennifer Luitwieler's favorite bike had gone missing. Luitwieler's bike had originally been bought for her daughter, however after her...

Physics Students Take Flight at iFly Atlanta

Physics Students Take Flight at iFly Atlanta

Jack Allan, Reporter May 3, 2024

This year, the students in Darlington’s physics classes went on a field trip to iFly in Atlanta. The trip, which lasted a school day, used the experience to teach the math behind aerodynamics. “They...

Theater Holds Yearly Banquet

Theater Holds Yearly Banquet

Jack Allan, Reporter April 17, 2024

Near the end of every school year, all of the students associated with the theater come together to give the seniors a send-off. They do this in the form of the theater banquet, and the most recent one...

Atlas Kosedag: The New Student Council President

Atlas Kosedag: The New Student Council President

Jack Allan, Reporter April 5, 2024

This year, Junior Atlas Kosedag was the winner of the student council president election. Kosedag received over 50% of the vote, firmly establishing him as the victor and eliminating the need for any runoffs. The...

Seniors Deliver Elevator Pitch Senior Ventures Speeches

Seniors Deliver “Elevator Pitch” Senior Ventures Speeches

Jack Allan, Reporter March 28, 2024

This week, the seniors at Darlington School gave speeches on their Senior Ventures projects. In these speeches they would summarize their project and how they made them.  “Senior Ventures is an enriching...

Eloghosa Eke (11), Skai Albury (11), Noelle Adams (12), Karis Knowles (11) and Orafiri Koko (12)

Adams Holds Black History Month Art Showcase

Jack Allan, Reporter March 4, 2024

Senior Noelle Adams put together an art showcase for Black History Month on Feb 21. It was held in the Student Life Center and showcased the art of many black icons. The art showcase originated as Adams’s...

Physics Club To Build a Robotic Boat

Physics Club To Build a Robotic Boat

Jack Allan, Reporter February 8, 2024

The Makerspace is home to creative pursuits, and a recent one has been the Physics Club’s effort to put together its own miniature robot boat. Inspired by an online video about the aerodynamics and...

Josiah Powers (9), Banks Brown (9), Grady Ferguson (9) and Brock Ferguson (11) stand behind the Summerbell banner.

Students Design Banners for RUMPUS

Jack Allan, Reporter January 31, 2024

Each year for RUMPUS, students from each house design a banner to represent the houses’ themes for the year. Using paintbrushes and bedsheets, these students brought their themes to life. The RUMPUS...

Model UN Students represent India at the Georgia Tech conference in Atlanta.

The Model United Nations Club at Darlington

Jack Allan, Reporter January 17, 2024

The world's countries participate in the United Nations to facilitate world peace. At Darlington, the Model United Nations Club does the same. The Model United Nations is a club where students can learn...

Naomi Fords (9) Chicken Pot Pie

Students Submit Recipes for Dining Hall

Jack Allan and Lachlin Lambert November 16, 2023

“Submit a Recipe” is a new monthly competition at Darlington where students get to submit recipes in hopes they will be chosen to be served in the cafeteria.  It was started by a senior Emma Chen...

Introduction to the Green Team

Introduction to the Green Team

Jack Allan and Lachlin Lambert November 6, 2023

Many of us take the Earth and its natural resources for granted, so sometimes we need a reminder to take care of our home; Enter, the green team.  The Green Team is a club that is aimed at helping...

Students Perform 12 Angry Jurors for Fall Play

Students Perform “12 Angry Jurors” for Fall Play

Jack Allan, Reporter October 27, 2023

Every fall, the Fine Arts Department puts on a fall play and this year was no exception with the production 12 Angry Jurors. The play is a blend of two complementary plays, 12 Angry Men, written by...

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