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Adams Holds Black History Month Art Showcase

Eloghosa Eke (11), Skai Albury (11), Noelle Adams (12), Karis Knowles (11) and Orafiri Koko (12)

Senior Noelle Adams put together an art showcase for Black History Month on Feb 21. It was held in the Student Life Center and showcased the art of many black icons.

The art showcase originated as Adams’s senior venture project, where she works to spread awareness throughout Rome. The idea came to her one day while she was scrolling on Pinterest. 

“I was looking at artwork and Black History Month was coming up,” Adams said. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, let me do something for my Senior Ventures project!’”

To get the project made, Adams made an iPeriod for the project where the art could be put together.

“She wanted to make a black history showcase iPeriod, so she asked if I would be the adult sponsor,” teacher Rebekah Kinney said. “I said I would be happy to do that because I’m also the teacher for Senior Ventures so that’s how it kind of all got started.”

The showcase featured art in different mediums, such as pictures of black icons and balloon designs.

“We were planning on doing music, but [in the end] we didn’t,” Adams said.

As for her plans, Adams plans on continuing her Senior Venture project’s goal of spreading awareness of the black community’s attributes in the world.

“Even though I’m graduating this year, I want to carry on with it and still inform and educate people in the community wherever I go,” Adams said.

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