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Seniors Deliver “Elevator Pitch” Senior Ventures Speeches

Bryn Merritt

This week, the seniors at Darlington School gave speeches on their Senior Ventures projects. In these speeches they would summarize their project and how they made them. 

“Senior Ventures is an enriching year-long academic program designed around the pillars of leadership, innovation, and community engagement,” Senior Ventures teacher Rebekah Kinney said. “It offers seniors a unique opportunity to embark on a self-guided exploratory journey.”

This year one of those seniors was Noelle Adams, with her project on Black Community Awareness. Her goal was to spread black awareness in her communities. 

“My project is about spreading awareness to the Darlington and Rome community to educate them about the African American Community and Black Owned Businesses,” Adams said.

Along with the project, students were instructed to craft an “elevator pitch” of their project and a video showcase to go with it.

“An elevator pitch is a concise introduction that conveys key points and establishes a connection,” Kinney said. “It’s called an elevator pitch because it’s designed to be delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator. ”

Noelle gave her speech earlier this month. She focused on her charity drives that were done as a part of the project as well as her art showcase that was done earlier this year.

I was kind of nervous talking in front of a big crowd,” Adams said, “but I was glad to get my information across about my Senior Ventures project.”

Another notable speech was from senior Jack Bell with his project on nutrition. His plan for his project is to spread knowledge about getting the recommended amount of nutrition from your food.

“I’m working with another student named Aiden Parsa and we are looking to educate ourselves as well as the Darlington community on basic nutrition habits,” Bell said. “We are running an iPeriod and we’re doing a presentation amongst other things.”

Bell’s project was originally to get snacks into the lunchroom, a plan that was changed as it was found to be unrealistic. Instead, they shifted over to education and research.

“When I had to talk in front of people I was feeling nervous,” Bell said. “Overall it was fun, though, and compiling a year-long project into a 2-minute speech is also pretty cool.”

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