#RUMPUS2016: Dodgeball


On the second day of RUMPUS 2016, Saturday, Jan. 16, the annual dodgeball competition was held at 9 p.m.

Following the boys’ basketball game every year, students and faculty from each set of brother/sister houses team up and compete on the basketball court in a full-out dodgeball competition. After close to an hour of battling, the final stage was set: Moser/Regester vs. Neville/Thornwood. In a turn of events, Moser/Regseter, came out on top and won this year’s dodgeball competition.

“I never knew dodgeball could be so intense. Every team definitely gave it their all this year,” said junior Caroline Schrum, Cooper Day Mentor.

The results for Dodgeball were:

1st place- Moser/Regester

2nd place- Neville/ Thornwood

3rd place- Summerbell/Cooper

Tomorrow beginning at 1:00, Gauntlet will be the last event of RUMPUS 2016.