RUMPUS 18: Dodgeball

Story by Veeka Malanchuk Photos by Trang Khuc


Trang Khuc

Junior Smith Wheeler (Summerbell) lays on the ground after dodging a ball. Summerbell and Cooper competed and won against Thornwood and Neville.

The annual RUMPUS dodgeball tournament happened on Jan 12. The winners being the “Dream Team” from Moser and Regester.

The game started out with Regester and Moser competing against Neville and Thornwood.

“It was disappointing when we didn’t win, but I loved watching the intensity of dodgeball,” junior Ieva Taraskeviciute (Thornwood) said.

Next it was Cooper and Summerbell against Moser and Register. Moser and Regester came out on top.

“It was very exciting and there was a lot happening. It was fun cheering on Cooper and Summerbell while watching my friends play,” said freshman Madison Rodgers (Cooper).


Cooper and Summerbell then faced Neville and Thornwood. Cooper and Summerbell needed one win to move on to the final rounds. The game had many suspenseful moments.

“Ethan Willie got alone against all of Summerbell and dodge 7 balls while eliminating 3 Summerbell guys,” junior Gabriel Zalouga (Neville) said.


Cooper and Summerbell won and advanced to the final round against Moser and Regester. Cooper and Summerbell won the first round.

“It was a blast, and Summerbell is always the underdog cause we have young people but it was great,” senior Nolan Wilson (Summerbell) said.

In the final round of dodgeball, Cooper and Summerbell competed with Moser and Regester to decide the winner of dodgeball. Moser and Regester the “Dream Team” were named the winners.

“We were all really hopeful that we would win, so when we finally won it was just great,” junior Olivia Harper (Regester) said.


The dodgeball tournament ended with Moser and Regester running on the court to celebrate their victory.

“Even though I wasn’t part of “the dream team” physically we were there mentally. Watching my brothers and sisters play dodgeball and take the win was amazing,” junior Ivan Tran (Moser) said.