RUMPUS 2019: Trivia & DarFeud


After a hearty breakfast and an tense escape room challenge all the houses gathered in the old gym for a fun but intense game of Trivia and Family Feud.

“It was super fun to be a part of because sitting up there with your friends answering questions made me feel like I was in family feud,” junior Makiya Mayes (Thornwood) said. “The feeling when you cleared the board felt amazing.”

Some people did not enjoy the questions that were asked.

“It was fun because I like Family Feud so like actually doing it was fun,” junior Jaden Ebanks (Neville) said. “But some of the answers were kind stupid.”

Others thought that there was a good variety of questions.

“It was really good and I like the fact that they made the questions understandable for everyone,” freshman Gina Viehoff (Cooper) said.

The teamwork that took place was beneficial to the success of the teams.

“It was fun to brainstorm and work as a team I guess, but obviously lots of pressure,” senior Akinwale Akinbolagbe said.

Overall it was an amazing experience with lots of funny moments, with Regester finishing in 1st, Neville in 2nd, Moser in 3rd, Cooper in 4th, Thornwood in 5th and last but not least Summerbell in 6th place.