RUMPUS 2019: Lip-Sync


Thornwood House dances to “The Greatest Show.”

Rumpus came to an end with the highly anticipated Lip Sync in the Van Es Arena Saturday evening. Students in the Lip-Sync went through long practices long before the event to perfect their performances.

“The practices were very tiring because they were two hours long for two weeks,” senior Grace Wagshul (Regester) said. “By the time we were finished, it was around 10:15 and I hadn’t even looked at my homework.”

People in Lip-Sync enjoyed seeing the hours of work finally unfold while performing their dance.

“My favorite part was seeing all the effort everyone put in paying off,” senior Cam Watson (Neville) said. “Preparing for Lip-Sync is really time-consuming and takes commitment from everyone.”

After the dance, students were proud of their houses and what they had done.

“Right when we finished the dance and hit the last move, everyone was clapping and there was a big sense of accomplishment,” Wagshul said.

Those who didn’t participate in the Lip-Sync enjoyed seeing friends compete and the anticipation for the event build up.

“My favorite part was watching my friends participate and the overall hype surrounding the event,” freshman Charlie Bell (Summerbell) said. “Everyone in Summerbell was really looking forward to hopefully seeing a six-peat.”

For some students, Lip-Sync is their favorite event and they couldn’t wait for it.

“In my opinion, Rumpus is defined as the Lip-Sync. The first thing I heard about Rumpus was how fun Lip-Sync would be and everyone was looking forward to it,” freshman Lucy Aultman (Cooper) said. “Through the dances, we didn’t just connect as a group of students, but as friends.”

Seeing the different houses compete was a big part of the enjoyment at Lip-Sync

“Watching all the other houses compete was awesome. It’s a side you don’t really get to often see at Darlington, but it reminds you of how well-rounded our students are,” Watson said. “Having kids that kin do well in the classroom and still be able to run everything makes a statement and brings out the competitiveness of everyone.”

The Lip-Sync ended in a win for the Thornwood girls. Moser placed second, Regester third, Summerbell fourth, Neville fifth, and Cooper sixth.

“Winning was the best feeling ever. All the four hours a day of practicing paid off,” sophomore Emma Good (Thornwood) said. “The dance start to end was amazing, and I am beyond proud of my T-Wood girls.”