RUMPUS 2019: Dodgeball


The thirteenth annual RUMPUS dodgeball took place on January 18 in the van es. The intense game started off with Cooper and Summerbell against Regester and Moser, the dream team. The dream team came out on top.

After, Cooper and Summerbell faced Neville and Thornwood’s dodgeball team TNT. TNT were victorious.

TNT played back to back, the second round, against the dream team. This competitive game ended with another win for TNT.

Cooper and Summerbell were up against the dream team for the second time to determine if they would be eliminated. Despite the odds, Cooper and Summerbell came out on top and stayed in the game.

Cooper and Summerbell has to play one more time in order to advance, but if they won the dream team would have to take a hard loss. After a tough game the dream team won, eliminating Cooper and Summerbell.

The finals were TNT against the dream team. The dream team won the first round in a close game, but TNT was still in the game if they won the last round. After a heated game for all the houses TNT won the final round and were the RUMPUS dodgeball champions of 2019.