RUMPUS 2017: DarFeud


Jamila Wood

Thornwood celebrates their DarFeud win

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After a stressful and tiring Rumpus Relay, our six competing houses reconvened for some more slow-paced, but just as stressful: DarFeud. Tensions were high going into this event, with Summerbell and Cooper tied for first place with 14 points and every other house only down by one to four points. Rumpus is still anyone’s game, and the leaders from trivia will be leading the race into Gauntlet.


“It is hard to predict who will win DarFeud. It really depends on who is faster on the draw for each question. I feel like we (Moser House) have a pretty good chance to pull through over the other boy houses, but I am worried about the girl houses,” Moser day leader Elliot Kinney said.


DarFeud this year was based almost totally on pop culture questions, making the most successful team the one that knew their fellow classmates the best, not necessarily the the most intelligent. All the questions were based off of a survey sent out a week before to all Darlington students.


“I liked DarFeud this year. It was ran smoothly and I noticed there were a lot less complaints from the audience. I thought the Kahoot was a good addition to the event but unfortunately there were technical difficulties,” Neville head day prefect Ethan Delashmit said.


The new and improved DarFeud this year was a lot more streamlined and heard very little complaints so far except from some minor technical difficulties.


“DarFeud being based mostly on pop culture questions made it more fair for everyone, which made it more fun in my opinion” Moser day leader Cooper Brock said.


The results from Dar Feud turned out as follows:



  1. Moser
  2. Neville
  3. Summerbell
  4. Regester
  5. Cooper


“As a prefect, I know our strengths and weaknesses as far as events go. I feel pretty good because I think it’s still anyone’s game but I’m just focused on making sure we are staying positive and having a good time throughout the weekend,” Cooper head resident prefect Bernadette Ebri said.


With Thornwood in the lead with 19 points and Moser and Summerbell tied for second with 17 points, the tension is rising fast going into Gauntlet and Lip Sync. The next two events will decide who will be our 2017 Rumpus champion. Stay tuned into the Darlingtonian for all your Rumpus updates.