Cooper Lock-In


The annual Cooper lock-in takes place as a way for the new day and dorm students to bond with each other. This year the lock-in was scheduled for the same night as Darlington’s Haunted House on Saturday, October 25. 

“Sure! We invited all the girls to come up to the haunted house then make their way back to the dorm to relax. We watched movies and did face masks and everyone seemed to really connect in the dorm,” head prefect LeeLee Barnes said. 

The activities all serve to bring the first-years closer together.

“We like to introduce the day students to the dorm students so that they feel comfortable throughout the year,” senior day leader Lily Porterfield said. 

The lock-in also plays a key role in RUMPUS preparation. 

“We hope that the activities we plan will bring us together as a house when it comes to RUMPUS and school-wide events,” Porterfield said. 

Many girls thought the lock-in was successful.

“It was a really nice, good experience and helped me bond with some of the day students,” Freshman Lexie Lowe said. 

The day students echoed that thought.

“I felt like the Cooper lock-in was a great way to break the barriers between dorm students and day students,” freshman Addison Payne said. “I got to connect with many new people and had a great time.”