Meet Your 2019 Student Body President Canidates


Darlington’s elections for student body president are this week. The 9th-11th grades are gathering in the chapel to hear out their classmates’ reasons behind wanting to represent them for the 2019-2020 school year.

Running for student body president are juniors Kasey Barnett, Dawson Williams, and Will Bowman.

I am running for President because I think that our student council needs to be more active and more willing to make changes. I am willing to work towards that,” Barnett said.

Though some may find this just another leadership position, the candidates have sound reasons why they would like to be the liaison between administration and the student body.

“I am tired of the student council being viewed as an unnecessary organization that happens to be in place just to give kids leadership positions. I have been on the student council for three years and understand the problems and challenges faced by the organization,” Williams said. “This allows me to expedite the efficiency of the student council. Also, I am engaged in many facets of the community including dorms and three sports.”

The candidates share a common interest in bringing the student body together through more activities.

“I think I could bring these necessary changes whether it be allocating wasted money from other programs or holding events to generate some interest to try to bring more people into the band whether it be joining after the second semester or the year after next,” Bowman said.

Keep in mind while voting to vote for who you think is best and not because they are your friend.