Senior Service Hours


Spring is the season of new beginnings, allergies and senior privileges; however, this spring, the Class of 2018 is struggling to meet their service requirement in order to obtain their privileges.


“We have 47 seniors that have not fulfilled their service hour requirement yet. They have a total of 603 hours,” Head of Community Service Kim Bell said.


In order to graduate, Seniors are required to obtain 15 service hours per year. Each class is always expected to plan and participate in a service project.


“Meeting this requirement will allow a senior to have no advisory meetings after spring break.  When 80% of the class has completed their hours, it will allow those who have completed their hours to have college t-shirt Fridays. Once the senior service project is planned and completed other privileges like senior class days and free dress for the last few weeks will be available,” Dean of Students Brant Evans said.


While some students are driven by dress down days to complete their service requirement, the greatest privilege received from completion is a diploma.


“Service is a vital part of a Darlington education.  We hope that this instills a desire to continue with service towards the community when Darlington students leave, just as we hope that they will continue to put “honor above everything.”  So we take it seriously when students have not completed the bare minimum of hours required by second semester of their senior year.  Students who do not finish their hours will not graduate,” Evans said.


Although service hours are a requirement to graduate, there are seniors who still find themselves struggling to obtain their yearly hours.


“Many of our seniors have after school activities that have conflicting hours with the community service runs, we offer each week. Needless to say, there are many opportunities on the weekends and during the summer break to complete them,” President of Community Service Committee senior Julia Holmes said. “Many rely on class projects, light the lake, and special events to complete them. Personally, I think there is no drive to give service to the community for those who haven’t completed their hours.”


Many deem it is unfair to withhold privileges from seniors who have completed their hours because of other students who have not; however, the administration believes it furthers class unity.


“I do think there is something to be said for creating opportunities for camaraderie and leadership within the class.  Though each senior class is a group of over 100 individuals, it is also a team or a fraternity of some sort. From here on out we will talk about the Class of 2018 or the Class of 2019 as if they were one,” Evans said. “The entire purpose of a senior retreat in the first semester is to help grow this sense of community within the class.  We see earning senior privileges as another way for a senior class to develop that community.”