Senior Retreat: Class of ’18


The Class of 2018 took a break from classes at Camp Skyline on Oct. 21 to Oct. 22. Seniors were placed in groups with people that they did not interact with daily.


“At first like going into the trip, it was kinda like ehhh like I had to bond with people that I normally don’t hang out with. And then, we got there and when we were assigned in groups, I enjoyed getting to talk to people and learn more about them,”senior Rosalee Kelley said.


Many students enjoyed the outdoor activities that took place on Skyline campgrounds during free time that was given.


“The senior retreat was better than I expected. I got to clown around with my buds and play a great game of dodgeball,” senior Evan Santos said.


The skits activity was a great opportunity for students to show a different side of themselves.


“Kahjae really showed a different side of himself in the skits cause usually he’s pretty on the downlow quiet but he came out of his shell and also overcame his fear of heights and we were proud of him”, senior Alex Gardner said.


A few students were enjoying the retreat so much that it led to wanting more opportunities to learn more about their classmates.


“I felt more comfortable and that I knew my grade more. I felt like it was a great bonding experience and I feel we should have another in the spring,” Kelley said.


Some students learned new things about their graduating class as a whole.  


“I took that there are not as many barriers in our grade as I thought that there might have been cause I think that we were able to mesh pretty well,” Tunnell said.


The retreat became more than a bonding experience for some.


“It was kind of  like facing your fears meeting new people especially when you had to face your fears by climbing heights and stuff and to see people like one of the Mbakwe twins having to face his fear of doing the V swing, almost not doing it and he randomly steps off and does it and realized it wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be. It kind of defines all of human experience like it’s not as bad as you might think it’s going to be that even though you know you’re going to live through it, it’s still scary to do it ,” senior Nolan Wilson said.