Big – Little Dorm Activities


The Cooper, Regester and Thornwood girls got together for a bonding activity on Sept. 26 in which the upperclassmen, the “bigs”, chose lower classmen, the “littles”, to take under their wings.

“The Big-Little Sister program is made to pair girls with kind of like a mentor or just a friend who is a little bit older than them, so they can bond and do fun events and just know more people,” junior Kathryn Chunn said.

The residential girls began the process with a matching system designed to group students according to hobbies and interests.

“Groups are chosen through our personal knowledge of the girls, like if we think two girls will work really well together, then we’ll put them together. We give the girls a slip of paper, and it lets them list their top three choices for a big or for a little,” Chunn said.

Fairy Dorm-mothers are also an important part of the Big-Little program. They provide an adult presence in these relationships.

“[Fairy Dorm-mothers] are a really cool edition in the program. They are either alumni or parents here in Rome or even further away. They take the dorm students out or send them packages,” senior Sophia Kalusche said.

The groups participate in fun activities such as a trip to Atlantic Station, bonfires, craft nights and a “Just Dance” night where the girls compete in a dance-off to bond and become better friends. This program is an opportunity for female students of different ages to come together and form closer relationships.

“Throughout the semester, we have like activities as an entire program, and then like the Big-Littles are just expected to communicate or talk to each other. We just hope that the Bigs are supportive and out-reaching to their Littles,” Kalusche said.