Homecoming Court


     During halftime, the homecoming court nominees from each grade stepped onto on the field. The 2017 homecoming court crowned members were Annabelle Braden as princess, Andy Brunt as prince, Caroline Cordell as queen and Tigger Frix as king.

As the nominees stepped onto the field two-by-two, they eagerly awaited to hear the names of the crowned court. First to be called and deemed prince was junior Andy Brunt.

     “It was an honor. I’m happy that my classmates think of me in such a high regard. That might seem overblown, but I really do feel honored,” Brunt said.

     Cameras flashed as the envelope for the princess was read aloud.

     “I’m really excited and glad my classmates picked me. It’s just really sweet and positive,” Braden said.

     The prince and princess stepped aside for the reading of the king. Frix’s named was called for king and his dad, Chris Frix, stepped in for Tigger as he rested during halftime.

     “It was great. Honestly, I didn’t think I had a chance because, ya know, you’ve some pretty good looking guys and some pretty good personalities like Russell, Harris. So, I was a little surprised – shocked, really,” Frix said.

     Screams of excitement faded, and the crowded shuffled in the bleachers with anticipation for the queen’s name to be announced. Cordell was appointed queen for this year’s homecoming court.

     Shocked, Cordell stepped forward to receive the crown, “I am really surprised. I’m just really honored because it’s really cool and fun,” Cordell said.

     After crowning, friends and family ran onto the field to congratulate the winners.

     “It was really fun to be able to represent my senior class alongside people I’ve grown up with and admire so much,” senior Emily Taylor said.