Total Solar Eclipse

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On August 21, the first total solar eclipse since 1979 hit the US. The long anticipated eclipse was celebrated at Darlington when everyone got to leave class and watch it from the football field.

“Everyone was talking very highly about the solar eclipse and in my opinion, I thought it was a huge disappointment because it didn’t get that dark out as I hoped,” junior Audrey McFall said.

Many students expected a total eclipse and complete darkness and were disappointed.

“I was expecting a lot of darkness during the eclipse, but I didn’t even realize the eclipse was happening because it was so disappointing,” senior Abigail Smith said.

However, many students enjoyed the rare opportunity to see the total eclipse.

“Even though we weren’t directly in the path of the eclipse, it was still really amazing to see how the lighting changed and it got a bit colder,” sophomore Leelee Barnes said. “The most interesting to me was how all the shadows became little moons.”

The next total eclipse to hit GA won’t be until 2045, so most enjoyed one of the few opportunities to see a total eclipse, especially with friends.

“I thought it was really cool that I got to see a once in a lifetime thing with all my friends,” sophomore Veeka Malanchuk said. “It made it so much better.”