Foolishness in the Growl Pt.2

The Growl was recently closed for the second time this year, and it has been threatened to be closed again.

After an email from Dean of Student Life Mr. Evans several weeks ago, explaining why access to the Growl has been denied, a similar email was sent yesterday with another warning.

When the Growl was closed, many students found their free time was not the same without being able to relax in the Growl.

The library has a strict policy concerning littering and obnoxious behavior that may seem harsh, but has maintained a certain standard of cleanliness and respect.

Students are often asked to leave if they are eating, drinking a drink without a lid, sitting at a table with more than four people, talking above a certain volume, etc.

Seeing our grounds crew and cleaning staff perform their jobs may play a role in students believing their messes will be taken care of by others, so there is no need to feel personally accountable for the closing of the Growl.

Respect yourself and others enough to take care of the community in which we all live.