Smith Wheeler ’19: Wheeling Through the Struggles


Senior Smith Wheeler, being one of the few four years boarding students, has been impacted greatly by Darlington in many aspects.

“My time at Darlington has been more than an educational experience, but also, I have been given the chance to make quality friends, learn more about different culture in our community, and learned how to lead through the opportunities at Darlington,” Wheeler said, “I believe that Darlington has impacted me in making me a better person both in and out of the classroom.

Though it may seem as if Wheeler always has everything under control, he has gone through things many students cannot even imagine.

“I saw my dad go into cardiac arrest which has impacted me in many ways. It was obviously an obstacle to me when I was fourteen years old, however four years later, I have learned many things from this experience,” Wheeler said, “It impacted me by changing my outlook on life, family, and friends, and how no matter what, there is limited time and that you should make the most of it.”

Even through his struggles, he has found a way to become better in the end.

“It has made me a more independent person, obviously as I said before change my outlook on life, and taught me to live life to the fullest, which is why I took a change by going to Darlington,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler has been accepted into various colleges, but is not exactly sure where he wants to go after finishing Darlington, but has a plan for what he wants to do.

“My plans for once I graduate are still very vague to me. Most people at this point know what school they want to go to but have no idea what major they want, however, I am the other way around. I know I want to study Business, but I do not know what that will be,” Wheeler said.