Grace Wagshul ’19: Kickin’ It Upstate


Senior Grace Wagshul has made many stops throughout her schooling career but does not let the constant change stop her from becoming involved and engaged in the community.

“By moving around a lot, I got to experience a lot of different types of people, I’ve seen a lot of different cultures, and by living in different parts of the country, they’re all different,” Wagshul said.

By coming to an international boarding school, it has allowed Wagshul to learn about different cultures outside of the United States.

“Coming to Darlington, there’s obviously so many different cultures here so it’s just expanded my view on people,” Wagshul said.

A longtime member of the Soccer Academy, Wagshul continues to be grateful for this program which has given her many opportunities.

“My favorite part of the Darlington experience has been the Soccer Academy, it’s really helped me develop my game. When I first got here, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to play soccer in college, but training every day, I can,” Wagshul said.

Wagshul holds numerous leadership positions ranging from Editor-in-Chief of the Jabberwokk, Vice President of the Honor Council and Spanish Club, and the Day House Leader for Regester.

“Get involved in different things, there are different leadership opportunities that Darlington has,  and I think that the leadership opportunities really help you develop as a person and gives you a lot of chances to grow,” Wagshul said.

Expanding her view on the many different cultures, Wagshul hopes to further continue her education at St. Lawrence University.

“I am going to St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, and I hope to do something with International Relations or Biology,” Wagshul said.