Junior Selected as Finalist for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program

Junior Kasey Barnett was selected among a small percentage of high school students to participate in the Georgia Governor Honors Program held at Berry College this summer.

“I kind of knew about it because Marissa [Joseph] went last year, but I didn’t really know what she did there. I asked her about it and then talked to Coach Woods, and he said that he thought it would be a good fit for me,” Barnett said

Barnett was one out of four Floyd County students selected to participate in this program.

“I was really nervous because the gap between interviews and when we found out was so long,” Barnett said. “I looked as soon as the selections were up, and I was really excited because it was a nice piece of good news after school has been so stressful.”

The process took place over a matter of four months and there was a lot of waiting in between to find out the final results.

“The process was a lot like what I expect the college application process to be,” Barnett said. “We had to apply and then interview, so I think it prepared me for that and made me feel more prepared.”

Barnett was selected for the Mathematics major and will take courses that focus on various elements of the subject.

“I hope that I get to take some really interesting classes that further develop my interest in math and find another subject that I really enjoy learning. I want to make some new friends and find people with similar interests as mine,” Barnett said.