Aaryn Ijames ’19: Living With Passion


Senior Aaryn Ijames is a servant leader, member of IMPACT Club, and frequent iPeriod sponsor; however, it is her time on the stage she most cherishes.

“My favorite extracurricular activity has definitely been my involvement with the theater program I have had so many good experiences there and learned so many life skills”

Although Ijames has participated in various activities, it is her time with her friends that has made her experience at Darlington special.  

“My best Darlington memory was forming the “band” Call me Kathy with some of my best friends and performing a very subpar rendition of no scrubs by TLC but getting a standing ovation anyway,” Ijames said.

Ijames has created life long friendships at Darlington, as many appreciate her outgoing and spontaneous personality.

“My favorite memory of Aaryn has been the time when we laid out on the quad and what was supposed to be studying for exams turned into us learning how to do couples yoga and probably one of the happiest days I can remember,” senior Amelia Allen said. “This is one of my favorite things about Aaryn, you never know what a day with her might have in store. She’s very spontaneous and fun. At the same time, she is also so smart and a very deep thinker. The conversations I’m able to have with her always make my day better and have helped me grow no matter what they may be.”

Ijames has learned many life lessons during her time at Darlington, and not only grown, academically, but also in wisdom.  

“Freshman year, I wish someone had told me that just because other people give up on you doesn’t mean you give up yourself. I think my Darlington experience has taught me to be able to seek out my own support system and to push on in spite of adversity,” Ijames said.

While she appreciates all Darlington has taught her, Ijames is eager to explore the next chapter of her life.

“I’m excited to be in college and just take the next step into independence and start living my best life,” Ijames said.