Hidden Figures Review


Abby Sklar, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Every year, several movies based on true stories come out and they all claim to be “inspiring” and oftentimes, they are. However, normally these movies are focused on the successes of one person and have the same arc: some person can’t do something because of some obstacle that the protagonist somehow overcomes. “Hidden Figures,” however, tells the story of three women working together. Their success is evident from the beginning, they’re simply waiting for everyone else to catch up with it. It is centered not on the ego of one person, but on the importance of community and working together.

“Hidden Figures” is the story of three African American women in the 1960s who were mathematicians with NASA in the time when NASA is in the space race to get a man into space. The movie shows the struggles that these three women went through to prove to others around them that they were more than capable, despite stereotypical constraints.

Throughout the movie, it becomes obvious to all that these three women can hold their own, no matter what those around them think. They are fully capable of their jobs and Katherine is oftentimes called upon to do the impossible to get a man into space.

I would rate this movie a 4.5/5 stars. It was an incredible, feel-good movie. Also, many true stories of overlooked figures are full of ego and are very heavy and deep; however, “Hidden Figures” isn’t that. It stresses the importance of community and capability and simply highlights three of the many overlooked women who helped achieve the impossible.