Happy Death Day Review

Tijai Whatley, Staff Writer

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Happy Death Day, directed by Christopher B. Landon, was released Oct 13th, 2017. The movie is a horror-comedy with a small romantic touch. The film begins with Tree Gelbman, a young college student who wakes up on her birthday in another student’s dorm room. Throughout the day, she experiences strange events and somehow gets an eerie feeling that she has experienced the events before. Suddenly, a masked killer takes her life and once again she wakes up in Carter’s dorm room where the same events occur throughout the day. Now, a frightened young woman must relive the same day over in order to find out who takes her life.


The movie is filled with relatable characters and unpredictable moments. The movie keeps you guessing at all times as to who the killer might be and what clues will lead her in the right direction. Although the movie is somewhat fictional, it portrays some half-decent life lessons. I give the film a 5 out of 5.