New Fall TV Shows

Grace Lester, Reporter

Speechless – ABC

 Speechless is a show about life in a family with an impaired child, a high-schooler named J.J., who has cerebral palsy (a neurological disorder in which the body loses its motor function). J.J. and his family move all over to find a school that will meet his needs. They eventually find a school that provides an aid for J.J. who speaks for him, hence the name ‘Speechless’. 


This is Us – NBC

 This Is Us presents a  multitude of different lives all connecting with people who share the same birthday. The show includes two parents expecting triplets, a man who was abandoned as a child raising two daughters, an actor with fizzling motivation to continue with his job, and more. 


Timeless –  NBC

 NBC’s Timeless has a trio comprised of a history professor, soldier, and scientist who time travel in order to fix America’s history as a time traveling criminal tries to destroy America from ever existing in the future. Actors include: Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey, and Goran Visnjic.


Conviction – ABC 

 Conviction is a legal drama show in which Hayes Morrison, a lawyer and former first daughter, chooses between going to jail or teaming up with a district attorney. Morrison chooses to work with New York District Attorney Connor Wallace, an enemy, in order to turn around her mother’s Senate campaign.


Designated Survivor – ABC

Tom Kirkman, a member of the lower-level cabinet, is chosen as the ‘designated survivor’ if something were to ever happen to the capital. A devastating attack on the capital makes Kirkman the President of the United States, and he is left putting the country back together and awaits the new threats on the country.


Bull – CBS

 A firm, Trial Analysis Corporation, founded by Dr. Bull uses a team of psychologist, neurologist, and human intuition to understand each part of the court: lawyers, defendants, jury, etc. They use the information gathered to make a claim in which would sway the jury’s pick on their client’s innocence.


The Good Place – NBC

Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop, a woman who was accidentally placed in Heaven or The Good Place. Shellstrop has been a horrible person her whole life, however going to “the bad place” doesn’t sound so great. She is now stuck pretending to be a good person and avoiding having her cover blown in front of Michael, the architect of The Good Place, who would send her to the bad place.


The Great Indoors – CBS

The face of the magazine, Jack, played by Joel McHale, is called back from traveling to work with the rest of the team. When he realizes that none of his co-workers know anything about the outdoors or what to write about, he tries showing them the real world. However, they have trouble adjusting to anything but The Great Indoors.